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Purple Unicorn Media is a publisher, registered with Nielsen, owning a tranche of ISBNs and promoting a stable of books. We are here to get you into trade catalogues and bookstores, and have your work archived at the National Libraries.

Purple Unicorn Media will :-
- proof and edit your book
- assign a professional ISBN to each version of it
- register it with Nielsen for entry into trade catalogues
- send Legal Deposit copies to the National Libraries
- promote across our social media platforms

REOPEN - Purple Unicorn Media is now open for new submissions (January 2023).

Purple Unicorn Media

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Purple Unicorn Media & Scimitar Edge

Purple Unicorn Media
Query info@purpleunicornmedia.com

Purple Unicorn Media specialises in:-
- Poetry
- Travel
- Art
- Light Fantasy
- General Literature, including Romance

Scimitar Edge
Query editor@scimitaredge.com

Scimitar Edge specialises in :-
- Alternate History
- History & Biography
- Science Fiction including Cyberpunk, Steampunk etc.
- Historical Fiction
- Urban & Epic Fantasy

Dancing Unicorn
Query publish@dancingunicorn.co.uk

Dancing Unicorn specialises in :-
- Children's Books
- Young Teen Books

REOPEN - Purple Unicorn Media is now open for new submissions (January 2023).

Brian G. Davies

R.I.P. Dad - Brian G. Davies

My father, Brian Gwilym Davies, sadly passed away in January 2022. He was a strong supporter of Purple Unicorn Media, and an initial investor. We worked for over two years on bringing his memoirs to print, and though he was able to see a printed proof, they were sadly published posthumously two weeks after he died.

Buy    'A Road So Travelled'

Our Books and Authors

Purple Unicorn Media

Most Recent Releases

A Fountain Stirred by Brian G. Davies is poetry in memoriam, & for children.

Of Depression And Witches by Marjorie Joseph is an inspirational romance.

Double Envelopment by Gary Beck is a collection of poetry

Forthcoming Books

Dancers of The Mind by Grey Wolf is a final poetry retrospective, including some of his earliest poems.

Unillumined by Gary Beck is a new collection of poetry.

Please note that owing to Stephen Kellegher's sad passing away, his new book 'PPP and P' (a mixture of pictures, poetry, prose and puzzles) is no longer forthcoming. With his niece's permission we have republished 'To Bangladesh and Back', with all royalties going to the Stroke Association.

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Dancing Unicorn

Children's Book Division

The new Children's Book division of Purple Unicorn Media, Dancing Unicorn, published its first title in December 2022. The new imprint focuses on books for children from zero to young teenager. PLEASE NOTE - AFTER A FANTASTIC RESPONSE, DANCING UNICORN IS NOW CLOSED TO NEW SUBMISSIONS UNTIL 2024.

The logos for Dancing Unicorn have been designed by digital artist Robin Stacey, whose book covers can be viewed on the Scimitar Edge website:-

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Dancing Unicorn logo by Robin Stacey

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