Of Depression and Witches

Marjorie Joseph

Inspirational Romance

Everly Thorpe is fired from her television talk show, her father dies, her fiancé decides to end their relationship, and she succumbs to a psychotic break where she suffers from depression and anxiety. Adding insult to injury, she crashes her car on her way back from a failed attempt at reconciliation with her ex-fiancé. Everly sustains a number of injuries. However, her physical injuries aren't the problem. Once at the hospital, she is detained for a psychological evaluation. Hitting rock bottom, she is admitted to the psych unit. Can things get any worse? At the height of her despair, sunlight peaks through the thick overcast skies. It is on that awful hospital unit that she meets two of the most wonderful men. Both are willing to do whatever it takes to win her heart.

Given such a difficult decision, Everly must choose between the two. Of Depression and Witches is special in that it takes a unique look into what it means to be a person of faith, and targeted by the enemy. The narrative isn't only a Christian person targeted by the enemy, but also persecuted by supposed friends and loved ones. In this society, how the spiritual realm affects the tangible is a social taboo. So, detailing a story where witchcraft is employed as a means to create conflict in the life of a person of faith is seldom depicted.

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