Unresponsive Sky

L. B. Sedlacek


LB Sedlacek's latest poetry collection, 'Unresponsive Sky,' embarks on an exploration that traverses the vast expanse of the cosmos and delves into the intricacies of our everyday existence and beyond. It is a poetic odyssey that poses a myriad of questions ranging from celestial inquiries, enigmatic silences of the universe and the allure of Earth-like planets in distant galaxies. Poems seem as if they're written from a vantage point of a comet hurtling through space yet descending into the ordinary while pondering the impact of humanity on the environment, contemplating the existence of artificial life and delving into other uncharted territories.

Within the pages of this new poetry book, readers will find answers that may be comforting but also unsettling. Sedlacek encourages the contemplation of our complex reality comparing it to an unyielding sky. Imagine mixing cosmic musings and a dose of astronomy while adding a bit of whimsical fantasy to then savor this collection as you buckle up and take an enchanting ride through the poetic cosmos of 'Unresponsive Sky.'

Unresposnive Sky is available to buy in paperback and will soon be published in Kindle, and at other ebook retailers in the epub format:

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