by Steve McAuliffe

Thamesmead Poetry by Steve McAuliffe
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-910718-11-7
ISBN (Kindle) : 978-1-910718-17-9

A recurring theme to be found within his poems is a distinct distrust of the monolithic State and all it's attendant media mouthpieces. Yet also there is an unshakeable belief in the enormous power and potential of the individual. Thus a grim South London concrete hell peopled with violent skinhead thugs can transform itself into a kind of stargate - offering transcendent escape. Just as Blake witnessed angels in the trees of Peckham Rye, so does the poet burst through the concrete hell of a brutalist housing estate and encounter Beatrice and Dante in an unexpected visit to the underworld.

The hypocrisy of the media, the banality of life, the treachery and deceit of politicians, all is cut through with the belief in the possibility of transcending, of flying, of awakening. And humour.

Thamesmead can be purchased at:-

Paperback (Amazon UK): ISBN 978-1-910718-11-7
Paperback ( ISBN 978-1-910718-11-7

Kindle (UK) : ISBN 978-1-910718-17-9
Kindle (US) : ISBN 978-1-910718-17-9

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Steve McAuliffe

A published author and playwright, Steve McAuliffe has spent most of his adult life working with people who have been disenfranchised and marginalised from society. During this time he has developed a firm belief in the liberating power of creativity. To this end he has for the last few years set up various independent writing workshops and groups (including a long-running writing group for people with learning disabilities).

His unshakeable belief in the transcendent power of the imagination perhaps explains the many references and allusions to William Blake that pepper his poems.

His writing is also shot through with typically sharp South London gallows humour; a world in which the absurd and the profound often rub shoulders - usually against the most brutal and banal of settings.