The Angels' Trumpets
by Alexandra The Great

The Angels' Trumpets Poetry by Alexandra The Great
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-910718-12-4
ISBN (Kindle) : 978-1-910718-18-6

The body of work in this book is meant to represent the journey of life: from birth where everything seems so fresh and innocent, to our prime, where we feel like nothing can harm us, to our adulthood, when we explore the meaning of life, and find that the deeper we look the less we truly understand about ourselves, and our position in the universe, then to our golden age, where we learn to accept our fate, and finally the cycle comes full circle with our deaths.

Life is beautiful, because it is fleeting, and that must be remembered in the days to come. A person is the sum of their experiences and memories. Without them, they are nothing more than matter taking up space. This compilation is titled, The Angels' Trumpets, for a few different reasons. Angel Trumpets are beautiful flowers, but poisonous if consumed. They are an excellent representation of life; delicate, miraculous, wonderful, curious, euphoric, seductive, but deadly. The reader should plunge unconsciously into their psyche, and speculate the purpose of life like they never have before. Hopefully, they will come to appreciate, if they hadn't before, the small intricacies that make their own personal quest a unique, and blessed one, regardless of the trials and tribulations that plague each, and every soul along their way.

The Angels' Trumpets can be purchased at:-

Paperback (Amazon UK): 978-1-910718-12-4
Paperback ( 978-1-910718-12-4

Kindle (UK) : 978-1-910718-18-6
Kindle (US) : 978-1-910718-18-6

A PDF version can be purchased direct from Purple Unicorn Media. Email for details or to place an order. Signed print copies are also available direct from PUM upon request; they will be priced at a small premium.

Alexandra The Great

My name is Alexandra The Great, deriving from my middle name, Alexandra. I grew up in a small town in Florida, where my mother raised me as a single parent.

As Alexandra the Great , I have birthed a healthy collection of poetry in the fourteen years I have been writing, This, however, is the first of many compilations to be published. I have appeared twice in The Wolfian magazine, and my work can also be found in Zombie Logic Review. The majority of my poems are posted under my pen name, without spaces, on my home website,