Get Published with Purple Unicorn Media

For every book published, Purple Unicorn Media will assign an ISBN registered with Nielsen, which gets the book into the trade catalogues available to all major bookshops. We will send the Legal Deposit copies to the six National Libraries of the British Isles, and promote the book by creating an individual page on our website, and advertising across our social media accounts.

Purple Unicorn Media will work with the author to create and edit the manuscript and organise an appropriate cover, including title blurb and author note. An approval copy will be sent out to the author when the digital version has been agreed, and if approved the book will go live in print and electronic formats.

Publishing Process

Authors may query and submit their work, and if successful we will agree a publishing contract without fees. This will be on the traditional model, and will see a split in the royalties of 70% to the author, 30% to the publisher. Authors will receive a monthly statement, 2-months in arrears, and direct payment via either bank transfer or Paypal once payment has been received from the retailers by Purple Unicorn Media.

Examples of books published under this traditional model are Thamesmead by Steve McAuliffe, What's Not To Love? by Rose McConahy, and The Angels' Trumpets by Alexandra The Great.

Purple Unicorn Media accepts queries across all genres, but has a special focus on poetry, travel, journals and essays. When querying please include a statement of your existing profile, if relevant, including any pieces published in magazines, on blogsites, or performed live. PUM is happy to reprint in any collection individual pieces which have previously been published where copyright has not already been assigned.