Stephen Kellegher

Author of To Bangladesh And Back

Stephen Kellegher sadly passed away in July 2022 and until/unless we receive permission from his next of kin to sell it, his book is now withdrawn from sale.

I am a self-taught writer and artist born and brought up in Lancashire in the North of England, and from leaving school got the travelling bug. From school to the Isle of Man, home after season, back to the Isle of Man, home after season, a weekend at the races in France, then up to Cumbria and a trip to Bangladesh, back home, then into Wales to let the Brecon Beacons give me some inspiration for the time-being.

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Stephen Kellegher

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A second book, working title 'PPP & P', was in preparation for publication in late 2022, with the P's standing for pictures, poetry, prose and puzzles. Unfortunately, due to the sad death of Stephen Kellegher, this will not now be published.

Stephen Kellegher

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